Graduate education in English

In 2012, a new Master's degree program (MA) in English was launched: Russia in the Asia-Pacific Politics, Economics, Security. This program is aimed at both Russian and foreign students. It has a cross-disciplinary curriculum, offering courses in Political Science, International Political Economy, Security Studies, Regional Studies, Russian Studies, Law, Languages, and Intercultural Communication.

The MA program has three basic objectives:

 To provide knowledge about the most important processes and trends in contemporary world politics and in key international regions, with a special emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region.

 To provide understanding of Russia's place and role as a major actor in world politics, paying special attention to its growing political and economic ties with the Asia-Pacific.

 To supply knowledge about the Russian Far East and its multi-faceted engagement with the Asia-Pacific

The program is taught with participation of foreign visiting professors, including world-renowned scholars. The students also attend lectures by practitioners from business community, security organizations, and foreign policy establishments.

Graduates of this Master's program will be able to work in government service, business, higher education institutions, research centers, mass-media, and other fields.