Aleksey V. Ognev

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Condensed matter physics (physical and mathematical sciences) (01.04.07)

Level of English language proficiency: fluent.

list of research projects:

Project of the Russian Science Foundation "Synthesis and comprehensive study of hard magnetic materials based on Nd- (Fe, Co) nanoparticles with improved functional properties" 2019-2022,

RFBR project "Spin-dependent phenomena and non-collinear magnetic textures in synthetic antiferromagnets with broken inverse symmetry", 2019-2021,

Project "Multifunctional magnetic nanostructures for spintronics and biomedicine: synthesis, structural, magnetic, magneto-optical and transport properties" 2020-2022.

List of possible research topics:

Synthesis and investigation of hard magnetic nanomaterials,

Study of chiral spin textures in synthetic antiferromagnets,

Investigation of nanostructures from the Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interface interaction,

Development and application of VR / AR controllers,

Magnetic nanomaterials for biomedical applications.

Supervisor’s research interests: magnetic thin films and nanostructures for biomedical application and nanoelectronics (memory, logic and neuromorphic devices), micro- and Nano-Electronics, Magnetism, Spintronics and Spin- orbitronics, spin-dependent phenomena in magnetic nanostructures and semiconductors, synthetic antiferromagnetic structures, hybrid system "semiconductor-ferromagnetic", biomedical nanostructures, hard magnetic nanomaterials.

Deposition Techniques: DC and RF magnetron UHV sputtering, thermal/electron-beam evaporation and MBE.

Analysis Techniques: Lorentz Microscopy, MFM, SEM, AFM, RHEED, VSM, transports measurements (PPMS), FMR, FIB.

Supervisor’s specific requirements: background in Physics is required, at least one publication in a physical journal indexed in Scopus/Web of Science and/or two conference abstracts, good knowledge of Russian and/or English.

Supervisor’s main publications:

Total: 90 papers, H-index=11


1. A.S. Samardak, A.V. Davydenko, A.G. Kolesnikov, A.Yu. Samardak, A.G. Kozlov, B. Pal, A.V. Ognev, A.V. Sadovnikov, S.A. Nikitov, A.V. Gerasimenko, I.H. Cha, Y.J. Kim, G.W. Kim, O.A. Tretiakov, Y.K. Kim, Enhancement of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction in thin ferromagnetic films by atomic-scale modulation of interfaces // NPG Asia Materials 12, 51 (2020). 

2. E. Yoo, A.Yu. Samardak, Y.S. Jeon, A.S. Samardak, A.V. Ognev, S.V. Komogortsev, Y.K. Kim, Composition-driven crystal structure transformation and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co–W alloy nanowires // Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020),, IF=4.175, Q1

3. W. L. Yang, C. H. Wan, Z. R. Yan, X. Zhang, Maksim E. Stebliy, X. Wang, C. Fang, C. Y. Guo, Y. W. Xing, T. Y. Ma, Alexey V. Ognev, Alexander S. Samardak, Mean-Jue Tung, G. Q. Yu, and X. F. Han,  Chirality-reversible multistate switching via two orthogonal spin-orbit torques in a perpendicularly magnetized system // Physical Review Applied 13 (2020) 024052.

4. K.S. Ermakov, A.Yu. Samardak, A.G. Kolesnikov, M.E. Stebliy, A.V. Ognev, L.A. Chebotkevich, A.S. Samardak, Crystal structure and magnetic properties of wafer-size Co nanostrip arrays self-organized on a step-bunched surface of Si(111)-5.55 × 5.55-Cu/(Cu, Cu2Si, W-O) buffers // Materials Characterization 160 (2020) 110077.

5. F. Nasirpouri, S. Barzegar, A.Yu. Samardak, A.V. Ognev, A.A. Zubkov, A. Stancu, A.S. Samardak, Mesophase micelle-assisted electrodeposition and magnetisation behavior of meso-porous nickel films for efficient electrochemical energy and magnetic device applications // Applied Surface Science 471 (2019) 776–785.

Results of intellectual activity:

1. K.S. Ermakov, L.A. Chebotkevich, A.V. Ognev, A.S. Samardak, Fabrication method of copper epitaxial nanostructures on the surface of semiconductor substrates, Patent for invention, RU 2522844 C1, published on July 20, 2014,

2. Stebliy M.E., Ognev A.V., Samardak A.S., Magnetic Element and Method for Controlling of Magnetic Vortex Parameters in Ferromagnetic Disks, Patent for invention, RU 2528124 C2, published 09/10/2014,     

3. Samardak A.S., Anisimova M.V., Ognev A.V., Method for the Formation of Polymer Patterns of Nanostructures of Different Geometry, Patent for invention RU 2574527 C1 dated January 12, 2016, /257/2574527.html.

4. Samardak A.S., Ermakov K.S., Ognev A.V., Chebotkevich L.A., Method of forming ordered structures on the surface of semiconductor substrates, Patent for invention RU 2593633 C1 dated 10.08.2016, http: //

5. M.E. Stebliy, A.V. Ognev, A.G. Kolesnikov, A.S. Samardak, Program for precision measurements of magnetotransport properties “VCF-Looper”, Certificate of registration of computer program, Rospatent, №2017611442 from 02.02.2017.

6. Ermakov K.S., Ognev A.V., Samardak A.S., Chebotkevich L.A., Method of forming of an array of ferromagnetic nanowires on a stepped surface of semiconductor substrates with a copper buffer layer, Patent for invention, 2624836, published 07.07. 2017,

7. Ermakov K.S., Ognev A.V., Samardak A.S., Chebotkevich L.A., Method of forming of an array of nanowires on a stepped surface of Cu2Si, Patent for invention, 2628220, published 08/15/2017, http: //

8. Ognev A.V., Kolesnikov A.G., Samardak A.S., A method for creating and skyrmions arrays in a magnetic medium with a scanning probe microscope, Patent for invention, 2702810, published 11.10.2019,