Elena F. Zachinyaeva

Responsive image;
Far Eastern Federal University.

Candidate of Science

Level of English proficiency - freely.

Educational program and field of the educational program for which the applicant will be accepted

44.06.01 Education and pedagogical sciences;  

5.8.7 Methodology and technology of vocational education.

List of research projects of the potential supervisor (participation/leadership)

Study of the process of formation of the conceptual sphere of educational activity among teachers (leadership).

List of the topics offered for the prospective scientific research

Formation of the educational position of the future teacher of a secondary school. 

Development of the teacher's readiness to implement educational activities in a comprehensive school. 

Development of the educational position of a high school teacher. 

Organizational and pedagogical conditions for the implementation of the educational process in higher education. 

Supervisor’s research interests:

Pedagogical activity, subjectivity, teacher training, professional conceptual sphere of a teacher, education, professional development of a teacher

Supervisor’s main publications

Zachinyaeva, E.F. Building a personal and professional strategy of educational activity: experience of working with graduate students / E. F. Zachinyaeva, Ya. A. Batkaeva // Higher education today. – 2021. – No. 1. – PP. 19-26. – DOI 10.25586/RNU.HET.21.01.P.19. – EDN NWTWPV.

Zachinyaeva, E.F. Methodology of scientific research understanding the subjectivity of a teacher based on different types of scientific rationality / E. F. Zachinyaeva // Domestic and foreign pedagogy. – 2021. – Vol. 1, No. 4(77). – pp. 59-73. – DOI 10.24412/2224-0772-2021-77-59-73. – EDN YNTTHV.

Zachinyaeva, E.F. Difficulties of teachers in the implementation of educational activities in primary school: survey results / Ya. A. Batkaeva, E. F. Zachinyaeva, M. N. Tuktagulova // Continuing education: the XXI century. – 2021. – № 4(36). – Pp. 97-113. – DOI 10.15393/j5.art.2021.7171. – EDN JDMEHY.

Zachinyaeva, E. F. Subjectivity of the teacher in the light of postmodern ideas: problem statement / E. F. Zachinyaeva // Values and meanings. – 2019. – № 2(60). – Pp. 49-62. – DOI 10.24411/2071-6427-2019-10059. – EDN LORUPB.

Results of intellectual activity 

Zachinyaeva E.F. Cognitive technologies in teacher training for educational activities based on the formation of the conceptual sphere / E.F. Zachinyaeva, Ya.A. Batkaeva // Cognitive pedagogy: practice and experience of implementation: monograph / E.Yu. Levina, A.K. Baltykov, Ya.A. Batkaeva, I.S. Bubnova, S.N. Vinogradov, S.I. Gilmanshina, R.H., Gilmeeva, E.F. Zachinyaeva, A.R. Kamaleeva, A.S. Katz, O.Y. Muller, A.B. Pankin, E.N. Prokofieva, V.V. Slepushkin, O.V. Stukalova, T.M. Tregubova, L.A. Shibankova; / under the scientific editorship of E.Y. Levina, A.R. Kamaleeva. Kazan: Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Problems, 2022. pp.189-124.