Igor S. Bryukhovetskiy

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Far Eastern Federal University, School of Biomedicine

English: Upper-Intermediate

Programs for applicants: Cell Biology, Cytology, Histology

Program code: 06.06.01

List of research projects of a potential advisor: 

• Development of a method for personalized targeted therapy of glioblastoma multiforme based on biomedical cell technologies” (Project leader – Prof. Igor S. Bryukhovetskiy, Project No 14.584.21.0027, supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science)

• “Antitumor potential of hematopoietic stem cells on the model of glioblastoma” (Project leader – Prof. Igor S. Bryukhovetskiy, Project No 19-315-90077, supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research)

•         Personalized regulation of glioblastoma cancer stem cells based on biomedical technologies

•         Wnt-signaling pathway in the cancer stem cells of glioblastoma

•         Migration of normal stem CD34+cells to the brain in experimental models of ischemic stroke and glioblastoma

•         Glial cells as a marker of stem cell-based glioblastoma multiforme treatment effectiveness

•         Antitumor cellular systems with induced apoptosis

•         Features of the interaction between stem cells and tumor cells on glioma model

Supervisor’s research interests:

Ph D - students will be working with material directly obtained from patients with tumors or brain injury, working with human and animal stem cells and cancer cells which were obtained from patients with brain injury and cancer. The key moment of our research is a simulation of brain tumors and spinal cord injury in animals, the use of unique equipment for functional neurosurgery and neuronavigation. You have to work with flow cytometry, cell sorting, morphological and immunohistochemical analysis, molecular genetics.

Research highlights:

A unique feature of this program is a personal approach to each PhD - student, there is a possibility of unlimited work with t unique scientific equipment of the School of Biomedicine, the integration of scientific and educational work, a high degree of independence and freedom of decision-making.

Supervisor’s specific requirements:

•         Knowledge of human physiology, biochemistry

•         Ability to work with laboratory animals

Supervisor’s main publications:

•    Khotimchenko, M., Tiasto, V., Kalitnik, A., Begun, M, Khotimchenko, R., Leonteva, E., Bryukhovetskiy, I.,  Khotimchenko, Y. Antitumor potential of carrageenans from marine red algae(Review) Carbohydrate. Polymers. Volume 246, 15 October 2020.

•    Bryukhovetskiy, I., Sharma, A., Zhang, Z., Sharma, H.S. Preface(Editorial). International Review of Neurobiology. Volume 151, 2020, Pages xix-xxvi

•    Bryukhovetskiy, I., Lyakhova, I., Mischenko, P., Milkina, E., Zaitsev, S., Khotimchenko, Y., Bryukhovetskiy, A., Polevshchikov, A.d, Kudryavtsev, I., Khotimchenko, M., Zhidkov, M. Alkaloids of fascaplysin are effective conventional chemotherapeutic drugs, inhibiting the proliferation of C6 glioma cells and causing their death in vitro(Article). Oncology Letters. Volume 13, Issue 2, February 2017, Pages 738-746

•    Shevchenko, V., Arnotskaya, N., Korneyko, M, Zaytsev, S., Khotimchenko, Y., Sharma, H., Bryukhovetskiy, I.Proteins of the Wnt signaling pathway as targets for the regulation of CD133 + cancer stem cells in glioblastoma(Article) Oncology Reports. Volume 41, Issue 5, May 2019, Pages 3080-3088

•    Bryukhovetskiy, I., Shevchenko, V., Arnotskaya, N., Kushnir, T., Pak, O., Victor, Z., Zaitsev, S., Khotimchenko, Y., Bryukhovetskiy, A., Sharma, A., Sharma, H.S. Transforming growth factor-β mimics the key proteome properties of CD133− differentiated and CD133+ cancer stem cells in glioblastoma. International Review of Neurobiology. Volume 151, 2020, Pages 219-242

Results of intellectual activity:

Patent No. 2535972 Antitumor individual proteome-based targeted cell preparation, method for its preparation, and use of this preparation for the treatment of cancer and other malignant neoplasms. Bryukhovetskiy I. Application No. 2012156017 Registered in the state register of inventions of the Russia 10/20/2014

Patent No. 2572574 A method for the cultivation of tumor stem cells of glioblastoma. Bryukhovetskiy I. Application No. 2014149234 Registered in the state register of inventions of the Russiaа 12/11/2015

Patent No. 2647429 Biomedical cell preparation for the treatment of glioblastoma. Bryukhovetskiy I. RU2017103692A events 2017-02-06Application filed by 2017-02-06 Priority to RU2017103692A 2018-03-15 Application granted 2018-03-15/RU2647429C1