Vadim V. Kumeiko

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Far Eastern National University.

English proficiency - C1 - level of professional knowledge

Cell biology

List of research projects:

Grant of the Russian Science Foundation: “Mechanisms of oncogenesis and tumor cell survival in IDH1 and TP53 mutant gliomas” (head, current project). State task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation: “Screening of biota molecules of the Pacific region on targeted bioengineering cell models for the creation of new drugs and biomedical technologies” (head, current project). Priority 2030 (FEFU): “Genomic and cell technologies for personalized medicine” (supervisor, current project).

List of possible research topics:

Mechanisms of carcinogenesis, methods of tumor diagnostics, tissue bioengineering and regenerative medicine, genetically modified cell lines for biomedical and pharmaceutical purposes, biocompatible materials for regenerative medicine, promising drugs, predictive genetics, health-saving technologies.
Medical engineering, cell and tissue engineering Biological sciences, cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology clinical medicine, oncology

Supervisor's research interests (more detailed description of scientific interests):

Molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis; promising anticancer drugs and systems for molecular recognition of tumor cells, the creation of nanoparticles for drug delivery; chromosomal instability, driver mutations and their impact on carcinogenesis; biophysics of cells and tissues, innovative methods for diagnosing tumors; implantable biocompatible materials and tissue engineering structures for regenerative medicine.

Research highlights (if available):

Availability of a unique fleet of biomedical equipment for the study of molecules and cells, robotic systems for cell cultivation and analysis, unique facilities for automated quantitative microscopy, multiphoton laser microscopy, genomic and post-genomic studies. Multidisciplinary international team of scientists, students and graduate students, interaction with leading foreign scientists and research centers. Under the leadership of V.V. Kumeiko over the past 3 years defended 2 Ph.D. dissertations in the specialty "Cell Biology", published articles in high-ranking scientific journals, more than half of which are represented in the 1st quartile of international scientific databases.

Supervisor's specific requirements:

• medical education
• biological education
• biotechnology education

Supervisor's main publications:

• 1. Grinchenko AV, Von Kriegsheim A., Shved NA, Egorova AE, Ilyaskina DV, Karp TD, Goncharov NV, Petrova I.Yu. Kumeiko VV A Novel C1q Domain-Containing Protein Isolated from the Mollusk Modiolus kurilensis Recognizing Glycans Enriched with Acidic Galactans and Mannans // Marine Drugs. 2021 Vol. 19, No. 12. P. 668.
• 2. Belousov A., Titov S., Shved N., Malykin G., Kovalev V., Suprunova I., Khotimchenko Y., Kumeiko V. Hydrogels based on modified pectins capable of modulating neural cell behavior as prospective biomaterials in glioblastoma treatment //International review of neurobiology. Academic Press, 2020. Vol. 151. P. 111-138.
• 3. Belousov A., Titov S., Shved N., Garbuz M., Malykin G., Gulaia V., Kagansky A., Kumeiko V.. The extracellular matrix and biocompatible materials in glioblastoma treatment //Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology . 2019 Vol. 7. P. 341. Kim JH et al.
• 4. Kim, JH, Lee, HS, Lee, NC, Goncharov, NV, Kumeiko, V., Masumoto, H., ... & Larionov, V. (2016). Development of a novel HAC-based “gain of signal” quantitative assay for measuring chromosome disorder (CIN) in cancer cells. Oncotarget, 7(12), 14841.
• 5. Yugay, YA, Usoltseva, RV, Silant'ev, VE, Egorova, AE, Karabtsov, AA, Kumeiko, VV, ... & Shkryl, YN (2020). Synthesis of bioactive silver nanoparticles using alginate, fucoidan and laminaran from brown algae as a reducing and stabilizing agent. Carbohydrate Polymers, 245, 116547.
• 6. Farniev, VM, Shmelev, ME, Shved, NA, Gulaia, VS, Biktimirov, AR, Zhizhchenko, AY, ... & Kumeiko, VV (2022). Nanomechanical and Morphological AFM Mapping of Normal Tissues and Tumors on Live Brain Slices Using Specially Designed Embedding Matrix and Laser-Shaped Cantilevers. Biomedicines, 10(7), 1742.

Results of intellectual activity (if any)

1. Patent - 622021600324-0 - Carbohydrate-binding protein with antibacterial properties, recognizing acid galactans and mannans, and a method for isolating it.
2. Patent - RU 2744383 - Test system for determining the level of chromosomal instability, a method for screening antitumor drug candidates that cause chromosomal instability, a method for searching for genes that control the transmission of chromosomes.
3. Patent - RU2597085C2 - Implantable matrix material for regenerative medicine and method for its production (versions).