Our research interests

Research fields of the School of Biomedicine include:

• Biomedical cellular technologies, molecular medicine, and development of genomic and cellular technologies;

• Innovative medicine;

• Biotechnology and bio-safety of special and functional nutrition food products;

• Nuclear medicine, molecular radiobiology, and medical application of ion beams;

• Establishment of the following world-level research centers has been recently requested by large corporations:
  ‣Nuclear Medicine Center
  ‣Drug Design and Development Center
  ‣Center for Genomic and Regenerative Medicine

Research teams of the School specialize in the following narrow fields:

‣ Development of novel anti-cancer drugs based on molecular biotechnologies and high-throughput screening of natural compounds;
‣ Biopolymers, pharmacologically active metabolites, and mechanisms of molecular recognition in marine organisms for the development of novel biomedical technologies;
‣ New genetic constructs and products of cell technologies for cancer diagnostics and treatment;
‣ Biocompatible materials and bio-artificial human tissue analogs for regenerative medicine;
‣ Modeling of structure and dynamics of biomolecules and molecular complexes by methods of theoretical physics;
‣ Development of technologies for extraction, purification, and standardization of biologically active compounds from marine and terrestrial animals and plants as a basis for the creation of novel drugs, dietary supplements and functional food products.

Our research labs:



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Laboratory of Big Data Analysis in Healthcare and Biomedicine Karina I. Shakhgeldyan
Center for Genomic and Regenerative Medicine, including:

Laboratory of Genomic Medicine

Laboratory of Biomedical Cell Technologies Vadim V. Kumeyko M834
Laboratory of DNA Diagnostics Anna M. Stenkova
Laboratory of Ecobiotechnology Vasiliy Yu. Tsygankov
Laboratory of Pharmacology and Bioassays Maksim S. Khotimchenko
Laboratory of Pharmacology of Natural Compounds Vladimir L. Katanaev
Center for Chiral Biophotonics, including:

Laboratory of Supercomputer Modeling of Complex Systems Aleksandr V. Molochkov
Laboratory of Physics of Living Matter Aleksandr V. Molochkov
Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology Igor S. Bryukhovetskiy
Laboratory of Molecular Oncology and Synthetic Biology Dmitriy V. Nevozhay
Laboratory of Ecology of Microorganisms Mikhail Yu. Shchelkanov
International Research and Educational Center for Biological Safety Mikhail Yu. Shchelkanov