The School performs most prominent research in the following areas:

  • Biomedical cellular technologies, molecular medicine, and development of generic and cellular technologies

  • Innovative medicine

  • Biotechnology and bio-safety of special and functional nutrition food products

  • Nuclear medicine, molecular radiobiology, and medical application of ion beams

Establishment of the following world level research centers has been recently requested by large corporations:
  • Nuclear Medicine Center

  • Drug Design and Development Center

  • Genomic and Regenerative Medicine Center

Research teams of the School specialize in the following narrow fields:

  • Development of novel anti-cancer drugs based on molecular biotechnologies and high-throughput screening of natural compounds.

  • Biopolymers, pharmacologically active metabolites, and mechanisms of molecular recognition in marine organisms for development of novel biomedical technologies.

  • New genetic constructs and products of cell technologies for cancer diagnostics and treatment.

  • Biocompatible materials and bio-artificial human tissues analogs for regenerative medicine.

  • Modeling of structure and dynamics of biomolecules and molecular complexes by methods of theoretical physics.

  • Development of technologies for extraction, purification, and standardization of biologically active compounds from marine and terrestrial animals and plants as a basis for creation of novel drugs, dietary supplements and functional food products.