Current structure and new objectives

Today's world greets us with radically new technologies and increasing development of new projects. Comprehensive technical and technological projects demand highly skilled, innovative personnel to make any daring project come true.

The priority goal of the Polytechnic Institute is to meet the needs of the Russian Far East industry for highly skilled personnel required for technological and scientific developments all over the Pacific Rim.

The FEFU Polytechnic Institute trains future elite professionals meeting world standards with applied technical and technological educational programs. There are 25 departments in the School; one located in the town of Arsenyev:


Department of Architectural Environment and Interior Design

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

Department of Automation

Department of Construction and Real Estate Management

Department of Construction Engineering Systems

Department of Electric Power and Electrical Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communications

Department of Geodesy and Land Management

Department of Geology, Geophysics, and Environmental Geo-Ecology

Department of Hydraulic Engineering and the Theory of Constructions

Department of Industrial Production Technologies

Department of Innovation, Quality, Standardization and Certification

Department of Instrument Engineering

Department of Life Safety in Emergencies and Environment Protection

Department of Life Safety in Technological Environment

Department of Materials Science

Department of Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling

Department of Mining and Integrated Development of Georesources

Department of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

Department of Ship Energy and Automation

Department of Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering

Department of Thermal Power and Thermal Engineering

Department of Transport Machinery and Transport-Technological Processes

Department of Welding

Today, the School of Engineering is the absolute leader in the Russian Far East and one of the national leaders in such fields as World Ocean

resources development, technologies for continental shelf exploration and development, medical instrumentation engineering, machine

manufacturing, robotics, power engineering, and construction.

Recent years have witnessed new and increasing developments of industrial production: expansion of aquatic gas and oil fields, diversified transportation systems, natural gas processing and conversion to natural gas of power engineering and municipalities of the Russian Far East.

The School has many research teams established by famous scientists decades ago and successfully developing now.