The School offers Masters degree programs in oil and gas engineering, heat power energy and technology, electrical energy and technology, material studies and technology, machine engineering, applied mechanics, construction and technical equipment of machine engineering production,shipbuilding, ocean technology, instrument engineering, infra-red communication technology and communication systems, electronics, automation of technological processes and production and other fields.

Bachelor degree programs are offered in most of these fields plus studies in air craft and helicopter technology, ground transport technology complexes, marine power plants and technology, mining, land surveying and engineering, architecture and architectural environmental design, hydrotechnical construction, natural gas heating and ventilation, water facilities and waste water disposal, city construction works, construction design, gem and metal material processing technology, wood processing technology, logistics, automobiles and automotive technology, radio communication, equipment and technology of welding and its production plus many other fields.

In 2012, the School of Engineering opened the Master of Science program "Offshore and Coastal Engineering" in English. It is designed to prepare highly-qualified specialists for designing, constructing and operating port infrastructure and marine offshore infrastructure in coastal zones of the Russian Far East region and the Asia-Pacific. The program also prepares students for work in engineering facilities exploring and producing hydrocarbon resources on the continental shelf including polar regions.

More educational programs are coming soon. The School is actively developing programs in coal and petrochemical processing, exploitation of the Arctic sea resources and renewable energy sources, as well as risk prevention related to exploitation of natural resources. These programs are backed by ongoing intensive research in these areas as needed and directed by the largest Russian corporations.