The School of Engineering has recently developed many scientific projects to meet priority needs of the Far East economy.

The largest national corporations are interested in development and application of these ambitious projects. Among them are the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Gazprom, Rosneft, RusHydro and the Unified Energy System of Russia. All these corporations collaborate with the FEFU School of Engineering to train highly skilled professionals.

During the last years, the number of R&D projects and the number of researchers keep growing very quickly. 

The School retains national research leadership in the following areas:

  • Automation management and technical diagnostics of complex dynamic systems to research and exploit World Ocean resources

  • Theoretical descriptions both of the ice regime and of sea ice formation in the Far East and Arctic drift ice on the coast and their effects on aquatic engineering constructions

  • Research of electromagnetic wave propagation in stratified media

  • Development of ecological and analytical methodology to monitor anthropogenic pollution on the continental shelf;

  • Research on underwater mineral recourses exploitation, including the deposits under sea shelf

  • Development and production of solid frames for deep water equipment from the unique nano-structuralized material of glass metal aggregates; and

  • Management of electrical and chemical processes related to seawater use in the power plants

  • Within the "High Tech Industry Cooperation with Universities" Federal Program, two new R&D projects have recently started for companies specializing in submarine repair and helicopter construction, with about $30 million funding for the School.