Dear Alumni and Colleagues,

When we look at the past, we see that Universities have always been the sources of inspiration and creative pursuit, served as keepers of traditions, the conduits of new ideas and knowledge. The birth and establishment of the Universities always encouraged positive social response and further support from the public. The local communities expect that the Universities give birth to well-educated young people who would think creatively, innovate and be able to transform the society.

The history of development of the universities around the world, including the ones in Russia, suggests that endowment funds can be a meaningful tool for a society to offer support and influence University development. Here the endowment funds can provide financial sustainability for the universities as they pursue their educational, scientific and cultural missions.

The main stakeholders of this noble support of the universities everywhere are the alumni who give back to their alma mater in order to assist implementation of the most unique projects of the new generations of students on their way towards new accomplishments.  

Victor Gorchakov
Chairman of the FEFU Alumni Association