In 2015, the FEFU Endowment Foundation has identified the key areas of development, aligned with the FEFU strategy and the FEFU 2020 Development Road Map (Russian version). For each of the key development area a separate endowment was established in order to accumulate financial resources for long-term support of the University projects in this designated priority area. The following four endowments were established:

Development of the key areas of implies an application of a flexible set of instruments, which could be utilized for disbursement of the endowment-generated income, which is based on the donations of the Foundation’s partners. The list below is not ultimate and we are always happy to consider alternative mutually beneficial forms of investments into the University development together the friends and partners of FEFU who are ready to participate in its development together with us.

Project (co-)financed by the FEFU Endowment Fund:

– Named Scholarships, which can both be given in a form of a monthly stipend and in a form of a tuition waiver for talented students;

– Professorship Positions for both the short-term Lecture Series Visiting Professors and long-term Endowed Professors;

Establishment, development and support of the partnership academic departments together with the partner companies for the purpose of innovative cooperation in the field of science and technology;

– Establishment, development and support of international research centers and laboratories that function as platforms for implementation of the specific contracts of FEFU business partners;

– Research grants for FEFU students and scholars for development of priority areas of both FEFU and the partner companies;

– Annual awards in different academic disciplines and areas of research;

– Creation of innovative education e-resources for hosting at the open global platforms such as Coursera, edX, and Universarium.