Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Endowment Foundation of the Far Eastern Federal University shall be a collective body that oversees the use of the University endowments. With this purpose the Board of Trustees shall oversee operations of the Foundation, the decisions made by the Director of the Foundation and their execution, spending of the income of the Foundation and observation of the legislation of the Russian Federation, and the fulfillment of the goals of the Foundation by the its governing bodies.

The Board of Trustees amongst its members shall include the Foundation representatives, the FEFU representatives, donors (or their representatives), and citizens of a high societal respect with achievements in the areas that coincide with the goals of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees shall hold no less than two meeting per annum. 

The FEFU Endowment Foundation Board of Trustees comprises of the following members:

Chairman Of the legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai 2006-2016
Victor Gorchakov
Vice-President of the VTB Bank
Alexander Yerofeyev
Advisor to the General Director for innovative development of Aeroflot
Andrey Polozov-Yablonsky  
  Acting Chairman of the government of Yakutia
Vladimir Solodov