Aeroflot donates 50 million rubles to the Endowment Foundation of the Far Eastern Federal University

Today Aeroflot signed an agreement with the Endowment Foundation of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on donation of 50 million rubles. This donation aims at offering support to the leading university of the Russian Far East in implementation of the innovative projects, which could help find effective solutions to economic issues. The transfer of the money is schedule for this coming April. This donation is a comprehensive response on the request of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to major corporations on matters of extension of financial support to the universities in the geographical areas, where these corporations have their businesses. Aeroflot has an office in the Russian Far East and a subsidiary company Aurora airlines, which significantly increases a transportation accessibility of this gigantic and strategically important region. Aeroflot also participates in the government-subsidized carriage of passengers between the Russian Far East and the European part of Russia. The Task Assignment of the President of the Russian Federation #2169 of Sept.10, 2014 stipulates support of formation and replenishment of the endowments of the endowment foundations along with organization of permanent cooperation in the fields of student training and R&D.

A contract signed in Vladivostok initiates a big program of cooperation between Aeroflot and FEFU, which is the largest center of education, research and innovations at the Russian Far East.

Aeroflot is a national carrier company, which attributes a major significance to all of its regions of operations at the Russian Far East. The company is actively involved with the socio-economic development of the Far Eastern Federal District.