New knowledge is going to help effective development of the FEFU Endowment Foundation

Far Eastern Federal University intensifies work on the development of its Endowment Foundation. Acquisition of new knowledge by the Foundation’s staff members responsible for this area of development plays a key role here. Ivan Pisarev, a FEFU Fundraising Officer, who became a winner of The Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s Contest on the Growth Strategies of the Endowment Funds will receive training on The Strategies of Establishment and Development of the Endowment Funds, which is to be held at the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management.

Vladimir Potanin Foundation website announced today that some 47 applications were received for contests participation. The Experts Selection Panel has identified 25 winners who will be offered two year training from the leading professors of The Skolkovo School of Management and the invited charity experts. The application from the Far Eastern Federal University has received a high evaluation as it offered a project that would enhance interaction with the alumni to raise donations for the FEFU Endowment Foundation.

“An international experience of the university endowment funds suggests that individual endowments to a larger extent are formed by the alumni donations. FEFU Endowment Foundation was established a relatively short time ago, which is why our work in this area is especially important,” says the Chair of the FEFU Endowment Foundation’s Board Igor Osipov. “By the end of 2015 the University plans to take its first steps to engage alumni in making donations, and we expect that the knowledge Ivan Pisarev would acquire is going to be useful in developing an effective work with the FEFU alumni in terms of donations raised for the Endowment Foundation.”

During the training, program participants will be working on the projects that would help establish and enlarge the endowments of their organizations. Those who will manage to do that in the most efficient way will receive incentive donations from The Vladimir Potanin Foundation, which is going to spend a total of 30 mln rubles on that purpose.

The work of the Far Eastern Federal University Endowment Foundation has commenced relatively short time ago, thanks in large part to the support of major Russian corporations and the leadership of the country. So far, the University Endowment Foundation received support from such companies as Aeroflot, Sberbank, VTB Bank, SUEK to the Regions Fund as well as Gazprom, which made a donation through the FEFU Fundraising Office. The income generated by the management of the endowments is going to be used for FEFU support and development, among other things including improvement of the physical infrastructure of the university, enhancement of its academic programs, and enhancement of its research in the priority areas of both the university and the region.

FEFU Press Service,