FEFU Endowment Foundation secured funding from Russian and international business on EEF 2016

The 2nd Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) demonstrated high interest from major Russian and international businesses to long-term cooperation with Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). A key tool for communication of the University with business partners is the FEFU Endowment Foundation, whose leadership initiated a series of talks on the sidelines of the EEF with the signing of strategic agreements.

According to Igor Osipov, the Chairman of the Foundation Board, Adviser to the FEFU Administration on priority projects and collaboration with big business, one of the most important events for the University at the Forum was the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with National Chemical Group (NChG). This was preceded by considerable preparatory work in Moscow and Vladivostok during the year, and the signing of the tripartite memorandum.

"The scale of the plant, which the NChG will build in Nakhodka, is huge, the project was identified as a priority for the government in the Far East, and it was separately mentioned by the Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech at the Forum. We are talking about hundreds, perhaps thousands of new jobs, and what is more—the high-tech ones, where young professionals with university education will be required. It was agreed to establish the NChG major laboratory at the FEFU lab facilities. We are planning a joint project that will be funded, among other things, with the revenue from the NHG contribution to the FEFU Endowment Foundation," said Igor Osipov.

The open seminar on energy organized by FEFU together with the Swiss Embassy in Russia and ABB Group, which took place in the scientific library of the University, was of great interest. The live line with the makers of solar-powered aircraft from Europe was organized, and the ABB management in Russia and Europe held a presentation of the Golden Watt ideas competition project.

A keen interest in cooperation with the University by Chinese investors became indicative in this regard. In particular, the head of four major investment funds Kwek Ping Yong expressed readiness to support the development of the leading university in the East of Russia.

"Until recently, we have been actively working with major Russian business, executing the task assignment of the President of Russia. But now, after its successful completion, we continue to strengthen efforts in the international dimension of the work of the Foundation and building FEFU partnerships with business. We have scheduled active steps to develop ties with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other major international companies and sponsors. Such work started this year by partnership with Frederick Paulsen, ABB and Novartis," said Igor Osipov.

According to the FEFU Endowment Foundation Chairman of the Board, the Eastern Economic Forum showed the ongoing development of partnerships of Far Eastern Federal University with domestic business giants, like Russian Helicopters, Aeroflot, Rosneft, and Transneft. Agreements have been reached on continuation of all previously initiated joint projects and looking for new formats of cooperation on the basis of the objectives of companies, government development priorities of FEFU and the Far East, and the growing markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

"We hope that RusHydro, ALROSA, and other companies represented on the FEF will also participate in the development of the University. However, we are increasing our cooperation with traditional partners—the leading Russian banks, among which the most important for us are VTB Bank and Sberbank. This year we have welcomed new partner: Asia-Pacific Bank, which made a major contribution to the development of Asian Studies, supported FEFU sports team and hosting of the EEF."

Building partnership strategies between the University Endowment Foundation, and big business is not an easy task; it requires finding growth points that meet the interests of all parties concerned. Dynamics of the FEFU Foundation’s development demonstrates efficient work of the University in this regard. That was also noted by Yuri Trutnev, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.

"The Foundation has already attracted significant interest from Russian companies, which resulted in a number of long-term joint projects for the benefit of the University and the region. We invite all interested partners—investors and philanthropists—to participate actively in the Foundation’s activities, to support the development of FEFU, to create conditions for the implementation of new innovation and research projects in the Far East," said Yuri Trutnev.  

FEFU Endowment Foundation was established to attract long-term deposits and donations from individuals and corporations. The Foundation creates targeted capitals through donations and transfers these funds to the trust management company for accruing revenue, which annually is sent to University on the implementation of its programs and projects. To date, the total amount of the attracted funds to the FEFU Endowment Foundation and direct investment for the period from 2015 is about 300 million rubles.

FEFU Press Service,