About IEEE

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is an international non-profit association of experts in the field of engineering, world leader in the development of standards for radio electronics, electrical engineering and hardware for computer systems and networks.

The main objectives of IEEE are informational and financial support of experts for the organization and development of research in electrical engineering, electronics, computer technology and computer science; application of the results for the benefit of society, and the professional growth of IEEE members. Obtaining invaluable information about the latest research and development in radio electronics and electrical engineering is possible only thanks to IEEE.

IEEE publishes 33% of all scientific and technical literature and sponsors over 800 annual conferences around the world. IEEE provides financial support to IEEE members for participation in conferences.

In order to become an IEEE member, one should fill out an online application, or download the application form, print it and send it to IEEE by mail or fax. IEEE membership has different grades: IEEE student member (undergraduate, graduate student), IEEE member, IEEE senior member, IEEE Life member. The difference between the listed member statuses is in the benefits. For example, student membership gives access to the system of discounts, privileges, access to information resources. IEEE student member (undergraduate, graduate student) should fill out a special application form, which can be received by e-mail after providing the name and address: application-request@ieee.org. The details of existing grades of IEEE membership can be found at the official IEEE website in the membership section.

The registered IEEE members have the following benefits:

- privileged subscription to the professional journals;

- receiving updates on research and technical achievements, IEEE conferences, new software products, vacancies abroad;

- IEEE members can purchase all IEEE publications, proceedings of conferences, products, periodicals, self-help manuals, standards, CD-ROMs and video materials at a discount;

- IEEE members have the opportunity to read many research and technical journals via the Internet in PDF format.

IEEE members pay an annual membership due. For Russia there is a 50% discount on the membership due. Currently, Russian students and graduate students pay $25 a year, others – $70.5.