IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society

IEEE TEMS field of Interest encompasses the management sciences and practices required for defining, implementing, and managing engineering and technology.

Specific topics of interest include:

- technology policy development, assessment, and transfer;

- product design and development, manufacturing operations;

- innovation and entrepreneurship;

- program and project management;

- education and training;

- socioeconomic impact of engineering and technology management.

Note that this list is not limited to the above topics

TEMS Mission – to advance, enhance, and improve essential management and leadership knowledge and skills of IEEE members.

TEMS Vision – to be the premier resource of essential management and leadership knowledge.

TEMS main goals:

– help IEEE members to maintain essential engineering management skills;

– support the leadership career path of IEEE members;

– Foster active knowledge transfer between the academic and practicing communities.

IEEE offers participation in conferences held on an ongoing basis, excellent publications that provide valuable information and bring updates on the latest achievements in research and innovation.

Let’s consider the prospect of organizing cooperation between IEEE TEMS and the Far Eastern Section of IEEE. The universities representing the Far Eastern section of IEEE have departments that educate bachelors, undergraduates and graduate students in the field of innovative projects and industrial engineering. Students receive competencies that can be used in the commercialization of their own socially significant national or international projects.

Cooperation between IEEE TEMS and the Far Eastern Section of IEEE